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reading at speeds significantly faster than normal

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Abby Marks Beale is an experienced speaker and speed reading expert/author who effectively shares her knowledge through books, workshops, webinars and her online course.
OnlySuccess, the educational institution that trains students in speed reading, uses proven scientific methods to bring in positive change in attitude and approach of every participant.
mobile phones, PCs, electronic equipment production and sorting lines); chemical and biomedical analysis machines with multiple or variable positioning codes (in static or low code translation speed reading condition); and traceability in small objects packaging lines.
It is not traditional reading or speed reading, but a whole new way of digesting information.
Locals love speaking pidgin, so it's not surprising that they latched on to speed reading when it was introduced in the early '60s.
How did he bring a victorious end to an ideological and military deadlock that defied Kennedy's best and brightest, Johnson's political cunning, Carter's brilliance (certified not only by his nuclear physics degree but also by an Evelyn Wood speed reading diploma), Eisenhower's strategic prowess, and even Nixon's widely acknowledged (if not always admired) skills as a back-alley fighter?
Chapter topics that relate to specific skills include time management, observation techniques, creative thought processes, speed reading, decision making, brevity and levity, public speaking, conversational skills, organizing meetings, mentors, and etiquette.
Every page, it seemed, contained advice on how to keep the bucks rolling in: Through "Mega Speed Reading," "Advanced Mega Memory," and "Mega Math," I could maximize my daily earning power.
Rev It Up Reading is the brainchild of Abby Marks Beale, a developmental and speed reading expert, who created this user-friendly and interactive online course that focuses on simple and effective reading methods that build reading confidence and competence through speed, concentration, comprehension and retention strategies.
Contract awarded for Biological indicators speed reading.
She revealed: "She was going through the paper at a real pelt, she was speed reading it.
The device interferes with police laser speed meter devices, meaning that officers are not able to detect a speed reading and instead receive an error message.
Summary: DUBAI - Intense concentration powered with quick reading skills took a new turn on Saturday when over 300 students from around the UAE took a test of their reading skills at a national speed reading competition held at the Excelsior Creek Hotel, Dubai on May 28.