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Synonyms for speed




exceed the speed limit


  • exceed the speed limit
  • drive too fast
  • break the speed limit

speed something up

Synonyms for speed

Synonyms for speed

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system

travel at an excessive or illegal velocity

cause to move faster

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From the gradient of the graph (see Figure 5), the speed of sound in air at 24[degrees]C (room temperature) is:
Ultrasonic gas flow meters do not measure speed of sound directly.
Bullets that exceed the speed of sound announce their passage with a distinct little sonic boom, but unless you're downrange from the gun, that noise is usually obscured by the report from the firing.
The compressing air does set up vibrations and stresses in a plane, however, and in order to attain and exceed the speed of sound, a plane must be carefully engineered to withstand those stresses.
It travels at the speed of sound to your ear, which detects it as a loud noise called a sonic boom (see diagram, p.
Speed of Sound is the first release from Coldplay's third album, X&Y, which is due out in June.
Speed of Sound entered the chart at number eight - a feat only previously achieved by the Beatles when Hey Jude went in at number 10 in 1968.
When you cough, your body pushes out air at the speed of sound U.
In the first study, 39 children, including 15 females and 24 males, underwent quantitative ultrasound to measure the midtibial and radial bone speed of sound.
The speed of sound varies greatly due to temperature.
There was a trend toward lower speed of sound with neuropathy scores that were higher.
He returned 14 years later as leader of the Thrust SSC team that became the first car to break the speed of sound reaching 763 mph.
A RETIRED French military parachutist is planning a record jump from a balloon 131,000 ft up, breaking the speed of sound in free fall.
Probably the most discussed and used diagnostic tool is the meter's speed of sound (SOS).
Boeing Co, the US aircraft manufacturer, is apparently examining the production of a new aircraft that could fly at close to the speed of sound.