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a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway

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As for the implementation of speed humps, Al Khayyat ensured that a traffic study will be put in place to address such proposal.
Speed tables are a variant of a speed hump where the top of the raised area is 2m wide and is designed to cause less discomfort to bus passengers because of its width.
I approached the speed hump without slowing down as there was no marking on it and realised its presence too late.
Any competent driver would try his or her best to avoid the pot holes as, indeed, they now iron out any speed humps they encounter.
However, speed humps are unpopular with drivers--who worry about discomfort and damage to their vehicles--and with some residents--who complain of noise and vibration and dislike the tendency of drivers to accelerate and then brake between the humps.
In October a bus passenger in Cumbria was paralysed when his spine was damaged when the vehicle drove over a speed hump, while the Cardiff protesters claim drivers with bad backs cannot even make it over the new humps in the city's Llanedeyrn area.
Mr Harvey said he came up with the idea 10 years ago when he accidentally hit a speed hump too fast.
Can anyone at the council explain why, when heading east along the main road from Ryton to Blaydon, the first speed hump is probably all of 100m after the school at Stella?
The Department of Public Works and Service, in collaboration with the Traffic and Patrols Department, RAK Police, has also built a new speed hump at the Clock Roundabout, RAK city.
As for the speed hump near the GDN's office, the ministry will urgently carry out the necessary maintenance work.
A BUILDER was so fed up with noisy lorries going over a speed hump outside his house he dug it up.
To furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision necessary for the construction of eight (8) speed humps: three (3) on Selden Road between Riverside Drive and Country Club Road, four (4) speed humps on Gwynn Circle between Nicewood Drive and Tabbs Lane, and one (1) speed hump on Elaine Drive between Fischer Drive and Tabbs Lane.
The last speed hump on Beversbrook Road is about 40 yards before a right hand bend into Dencourt Road.