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a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway

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But, quite apart from acting as some small deterrent upon this criminal element, speed bumps serve an extremely useful purpose, just by their existence on the roads, in trying to reach the minds of the large proportion of drivers, who never would see themselves as criminals, the ones who complain about speed bumps, but who would be very sorry afterwards, if they knocked down a careless child, foolishly rushing out from the pavement.
Villagers in Gronant have been campaigning for 10 years to have the speed bumps on Llanasa Road removed, claiming that they do nothing to deter motorists from speeding and that there have been several near misses between vehicles and pedestrians.
Raymond Hill: "Gateshead Council are obsessed with speed bumps, nearly every road in the Gateshead area has them.
The highway department installed two temporary speed bumps on Alton Drive in June 2013 as a pilot response to residents' complaints of speeding over the 25 mph limit.
The speed bumps will be installed on the stretch of Grivas Digenis from the McDonalds' traffic lights to the ones at 28th of October Street.
install speed bumps bumps on various roads in the municipality of el bosque
He said: "Parts are being changed more regularly because of potholes and speed bumps and because manufacturers are making vehicle components lighter, so that better fuel efficiencies can be achieved.
Has building these speed bumps become a national obligation?
When neighbors learned that Minda Drive was to be repaved last summer, they began circulating a city petition requesting a study for so-called traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps.
Patients were classed as "speed bump positive" if they had a worsening of pain whilst travelling over speed bumps or "speed bump negative" if their pain stayed the same, if they were unsure, or if their pain improved.
Patients were classed as "speed bump positive" if their pain worsened while travelling over speed bumps or "speed bump negative" if they did not.
HUNDREDS of requests for speed bumps were made by residents in the first half of the year, it has been revealed.
Eyewitnesses told Daily News Egypt that the clashes started when the two families fought over three speed bumps built by Alaa Rida Roushdy, National Democratic Party candidate for the 2010 parliamentary elections and member of the Coptic family, in front of his house.
Late last year the council installed metal barriers along the front of houses on Baileys Lane and it is nowhaving speed bumps sited along Church Road.
Residents of Tripoli are throwing long thick ropes down the streets to act as speed bumps.