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a person on whom another person vents their anger

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an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing

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Achievement unlocked,' the actress and model wrote about an Instagram video of her effortlessly hitting a speed bag.
net; (800) 708-0673) new Speed Bag series targets can take a licking from arrows traveling up to 300 fps and keep on ticking.
Honesty is the Best Policy", and to make the house rattle with the hum of the speed bag he so rhythmically struck.
To the rear of the ring hung five or six well-worn leather heavy bags, along with a giant, circular, oaken rebound board for the speed bag.
Boxers in training spend a lot of time hitting the speed bag and jumping rope.
Time spent in the gym, hitting the speed bag and shadow boxing hones the fighter's reflexes so they're instinctive when he needs them in the heat of battle.
Beside the track, on the side towards the machine shop and other work areas, were basketball courts, a heavy punching bag, a speed bag, and a weight-lifting area.
I hung my speed bag there and could get in a pretty good lunchtime boxing routine.
Many fitness facilities, such as Phenomenal Fitness (312-360-0303) in Chicago, offer boxing and kickboxing classes using heavy bag, double-end bag, and speed bag training for physical conditioning.
I train pretty much 20 hours a week - sparring, jump-roping using the heavy bag, speed bag, weight training," she says.
Tenders are invited for Nit For Procurement Of 5 Lakhs Speed Bag Labels
Shapiro, who handled the sensational case of former American football star OJ Simpson, even gifted Pacquiao with a speed bag emblazoned with Mayweather's face.
hits a speed bag as he works out in front of a poster of WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao with his eyes and mouth taped over at the Mayweather Boxing Club on April 14, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.