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a person on whom another person vents their anger

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an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing

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To the rear of the ring hung five or six well-worn leather heavy bags, along with a giant, circular, oaken rebound board for the speed bag.
2 -- color) Johnny Reyes, 12, punches the speed bag at the Grace Boxing Club, which is holding a grand opening Aug.
Beside the track, on the side towards the machine shop and other work areas, were basketball courts, a heavy punching bag, a speed bag, and a weight-lifting area.
Many fitness facilities, such as Phenomenal Fitness (312-360-0303) in Chicago, offer boxing and kickboxing classes using heavy bag, double-end bag, and speed bag training for physical conditioning.
I train pretty much 20 hours a week - sparring, jump-roping using the heavy bag, speed bag, weight training," she says.
With a focus on ease-of-use, Bag Tech, which requires no external pc, offers a user-friendly environment for the set-up and operation of high speed bag palletizing applications.
REPLICATE the punches of a boxer on a speed bag with The Burn Machine, pounds 119.
com/shop QUICK SPIN * This portable piece of kit lets you replicate the punches of a boxer on a speed bag, one of the most effective tools to build muscle strength and improve cardiovascular endurance.
I've put on gloves, hit the speed bag, the heavy bag, but I've never had a go," said Murray.
Engineered specifically to stop arrows from today's high-speed bows, Delta Target's Speed Bag series are made to stand up to 300-fps plus bows.
I'm jumping rope, hitting the speed bag, and we're sparring a little bit.
They sat or stood behind a steel barrier in a sweltering ballroom- turned-boxing gym - ideal conditions for training - as a fit-looking Tyson hit the rhythmic speed bag, moved on to a small, hanging bag fighters use to practice their head movement and then disappeared.
com)-- ZazaCast Films feature-length documentary on the history of the speed bag and its ties to the Capital District area, has been chosen as an official selection and finalist in the Catskill Mountains Film Festival.
Adjustable Speed Bag Platform - GOLD Member price: $58.
For 2009, Delta Targets introduces their new Speed Bag Series of targets.