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a writer who composes speeches for others to deliver

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Now to this well-populated genre comes the first entrant from the Obama White House, David Litt's Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years, a funny and unexpectedly moving reflection on Litt's journey from unpaid organizer in Ohio to speechwriter and in-house humorist for President Obama.
It is not the first time Aquino criticized the work of his speechwriters.
Bush's speechwriters once called this final stretch the ''seven-day death march.
Leith singles out several speechwriters who have accomplished just that- Ronald Millar for Margaret Thatcher, and Peggy Noonan, from whose memoir, What I Saw at the Revolution, he quotes at some length.
Aspiring speechwriters will learn important lessons from those who have gone before them.
Meanwhile Dennis Glover, a former speechwriter for Mark Latham, said it would take time for Gillard to "find her rhetorical range".
SCANDAL-hit Chris Huhne has been slammed for recruiting a speechwriter at huge public expense despite ConDem cuts.
Like their Hollywood counterparts, his speechwriters face the thankless task of crafting the message while getting notes from everyone around them.
I must say that was one of my more miserable failings as a speechwriter.
A good part of the book's fascination is simply why a man would go from being one of President Clinton's speechwriters to an unemployed college graduate building a boat out of champagne corks in a borrowed garage.
This is quite a trick, but Canadian politicians and speechwriters have proven themselves, over the past few years, to be most adept at it.
Metcalf examines the hidden influence of speechwriters and the changing media on how presidents present themselves to voters.
Speechwriters possess enormous influence, affecting the ideas and words of the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.
You'll parse a speech from Bush's brilliant speechwriters.