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a writer who composes speeches for others to deliver

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It makes you wonder if Eric 'when the seagulls follow the trawler' Cantona has been giving the United boss a bit of help with his speech-writing.
I predict that Presidential Speech-Writing will become a landmark book.
That year, Waldman wanted to team me up with Jeff Shesol, a relative newcomer to the permanent speech-writing staff hut one with his own talent for humor.
This week contributor Ciara O'Brien talks about a web site which could come in very handy at this time of staff functions - a speech-writing service.
Many speculated that the White House was involved in the speech-writing process.
They cringe at the speech-writing technique of using common comparisons to simplify technical terms.
His speech-writing experience over the years has led him to a point where he now writes 50 speeches a year and draws top dollar for each one.
On Monday, August 27, William Safire, former colleague of Buchanan on Nixon's speech-writing team and most brazen of the war pundits, lamented in The New York Times that "longtime doves of the left, joined by anti-Israelites of the far right-plus sober second thinkers who want to give pacifism a chance-have combined forces to try to stop the worldwide momentum aimed at driving Saddam Hussein from power.
Ten years later, following heart problems, he returned to the North East to set up a highly successful PR and speech-writing business.
And Jeremy, 20, who is working in the White House speech-writing department, has met both of 19-year-old Chelsea's parents a number of times.