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a writer who composes speeches for others to deliver

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Mr Waters, who was also a speech writer for former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies, said it's "impossible" to remember an 80-minute speech and "absurd to try".
Republicans are not allowed to blow up the government to get rid of a law, says commentator, writer, actor, and presidential speech writer Ben Stein.
We also had a speech writer on the sets for scenes requiring me to deliver a speech.
IN THE 14th century John Gower, a member of the Gower family who held the manor of Ingleby, was a speech writer for Edward III along with Chaucer.
6 ( ANI ): President Barack Obama's chief speech writer, who helped write nearly every major address since the Democrat became a senator in 2005, is potentially eyeing a new career in Hollywood.
Well, they were actually the words of her speech writer Sir Ronald Millar, but the gist of them were that she'd be performing no policy U-turns.
Author Malcomson was the foreign affairs op-ed editor for the New York Times on September 11th, 2001, and later worked as a speech writer for the United Nations.
Harriet Harman hired Ed as a speech writer and researcher, and he was taken on by Gordon Brown (then Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer) in the same role, eventually becoming one of his closest confidantes.
Disturbingly, I arrived just as Mike Whitby was in full flow - I am convinced his speech writer is paid by the adjective.
Sponsored by the Emirates Foundation, the programme has historically attracted high achievers who have gone on to occupy prominent positions; Jon Favreau, the current chief speech writer for the US President Barack Obama was a previous participant in the programme, which currently includes a number of Truman Scholars from the United States.
Little did they realize that all they had to do was take a presidential candidate's speech writer to lunch and explain an energy saving plan that is relatively simple that should be mentioned in a talk about energy conservation.
Written by presidential speech writer and Pulitzer prize winner William Safire, "Safire's Political Dictionary" is highly recommended for community library politics collections.
Given the credentials that the Post proudly emblazoned for Campbell, once a speech writer for George W.
ERICH SCHNURE -- freelance speech writer who used to be a principle speech writer for Gore.
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