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an impairment of language (especially speech production) that is usually due to brain damage

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According to the report submitted to the Sharjah public prosecution, the patient suffers from emotional problems, loss of vision, lack of comprehension and speech problems.
One in 10 children has a speech problem like language delay, stammering or dyspraxia.
Speech problems in childhood propelled him into solitude, and thence into written language.
Her injuries left Josie with speech problems and very little memory of the attack, but she did begin to make a partial recovery.
According to The Dawn, Shehzar also added that due to the stroke Hanif had developed some speech problems but he is now making a steady progress and currently undergoing 'physiotherapy' and 'speech therapy' sessions.
WHETHER it's the famous ' K- k- k- k- kkkiran' dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood film Darr or the case of Golml 3, where the film- makers were sued by the Indian Stammering Association for mocking people who stutter, speech problems have unfortunately, always been a subject of ridicule and discrimination in movies, sit- coms and other social mediums.
Topics discussed include hearing, feeding and speech problems in children with cleft lip and palate disorders.
Sam, who has suffered from a stroke and has some mobility and speech problems has given his time to attend a three day training course with Llandrillo College and has successfully passed their exam.
While 87% of people would be worried if they experienced the symptoms, which include short periods of facial weakness, speech problems and pins and needles down one side of the body, just 26% of people said they would go to hospital
While 72 per cent said they would not go to hospital if they experienced facial weakness, speech problems and pins and needles.
It didn't help that his first joke about Adele and her award acceptance speech problems scored nil points with the star audience.
The game is used by medical personnel to help patients who have a traumatic brain injury, with memory and speech problems.
She says the movie can help others better understand all those who suffer from speech problems.
Our public school SLPs are a vital force in helping kids with speech problems.
Among them are speech and voice disorders in Parkinson's Disease, using Spanish in the home to promote school readiness in English, treatment outcomes of the intensive stuttering therapy for adolescents and adults, whether prosody could be a diagnostic and cognitive bellwether of autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities and mathematics in higher education, understanding and treating the selective mutism of silent children, origins of the muscles of the human tongue, and evidence from auditory and visual speech perception for speech problems in dyslexia.
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