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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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This conversation contributes a line of thought in Iola and in the culture at large that suggests that, to the extent that bourgeois standards are cultural ideals for the black community, "standard" black speech marks the potential, at least, for black "progress.
Fassi-Fihri told BBC World Service that five constiutions were adopted by the Kingdom since its independence, adding that the royal speech marks "a new stride in this specific trajectory in Morocco.
We support his call and hope his speech marks his return to the political foreground, as a figure who enjoys the trust of different sections of Bahrain's society and can help bring us back together.
The speech marks a switch from Mr Brown's Treasury brief as Tony Blair's time as Premier runs out.
The drawing being sold is untitled and shows a military figure with speech marks coming out of its mouth.
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