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Ang gusto ko lang kasi ang mainitindhan, malaman, maging aware ang tao na kahit may speech impairment kami, sana maintindihan nila na part pa rin kami ng society,' she says.
In both the cases, the star witness didn't have hearing and speech impairments.
Thereon the milestones started regressing with speech impairment and inability to walk that progressively worsened leaving her bedridden for the preceding two years.
The boy has Angelman syndrome or a rare condition characterized with profound speech impairment, developmental delay, severe intellectual disability, movement and sleeping disorders.
As a child, he had a speech impairment, but today he belts out dialogues in front of millions.
Growing up, I learnt very early on that having speech impairment was a challenge, not only for me but for society at large.
Researchers and practitioners in speech and language and its pathology provide both theoretical overviews and experimental research into speech impairment in more than one language.
1 million individuals identify as having a speech impairment, many of whom rely on TRS to communicate by telephone.
Producer Dafydd Parri said: "The ''r'' speech impairment is an interesting phenomenon.
She has a speech impairment and is totally dependant which can be stressful for us and we're limited to the places where we can go.
An Oxford woman who suffers from speech impairment says everybody should go see the Oscar-winning movie "The King's Speech.
In addition, we used information from the data set for youths in Wave 1 in the following disability categories other than visual impairment to investigate research question 1: learning disability, speech impairment, mental retardation, emotional disturbance, heating impairment, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, autism, and traumatic brain injury.
Effects of phonemic awareness instruction on encoding skills of children with severe speech impairment.
Risk factors included in the ABCD rule were age 60 years or older, elevated blood pressure, unilateral weakness, speech impairment without unilateral weakness, and symptom duration, for a total of 6 possible points.
Any unexplained or repeated vertigo warrants a visit to your doctor, especially if it's accompanied by blurred vision, severe headache, hearing loss, speech impairment, or limb weakness.
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