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The project involved ladies with hearing and speech disorders aged between 16-30 years.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to characterize and compare speech disorders related to alterations of the lingual frenulum in schoolchildren, from 8;6 to 10; 11 years of age, between the control and the study groups.
Preparation assumptions substantive, technical, functional and performance for application development and execution of the application to screening for the presence of speech disorders.
Thus, the present investigation into the prevalence of children with speech disorders in Salt, Jordan, provides a unique understanding into the identification of and provisions made for children with speech disorders within a schooling system where the crucial liability for appropriate education rests within the education department.
Parents of children with speech disorders need accurate information about products that may be able to help," said Jessica Rich, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.
Pathology did not just correct speech disorders but also looked into their causes.
Problem: There are no available studies on the prevalence, and distribution of speech disorders among Arabic speaking undergraduate students in Jordan.
of Northern Iowa) offers clinical tools for assessing and treating speech disorders in school-aged students who have difficulty acquiring the eight late-acquired sounds.
After searching all available facilities, I was finally able to enrol him at the Abu Dhabi Centre for Language and Speech Disorders in October 2011," Rajalah, 37, a planning engineer from India, told Gulf News.
Speech disorders differ from voice disorders, which affect phonation, although speech-language and voice disorders may occur concurrently.
Washington, Sept 23 (ANI): After a left-sided stroke, many individuals suffer from serious speech disorders, but are often able to sing complete texts relatively fluently.
Results of original research and of literature searches explore speech disorders along a number of axes.
Speech disorders are generally observed in social environments.
Sucking habits such as pacifier use, finger sucking and bottle feeding are associated with speech disorders in pre-school children, a study has found.