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people sharing a given language or dialect

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Taboos related to religion or magic may affect a wide range of linguistic phenomena, and include animal-name avoidances in many speech communities.
While speech communities are increasingly involved in projects to protect their languages - in print, on air and online - orality is fragile and contributes to linguistic vulnerability.
Speech communities therefore have a responsibility to get EL firmly into the education system.
Here contributors identified only by name look at theoretical issues in language documentation, documenting language structure, documenting the lexicon, and interaction with speech communities.
Gumperz (1982:223) states that "wherever, two or more speech communities maintain prolonged contact within a broad field of communication, there are cross-currents of diffusion.
The study is concerned with presence or absence of r, a voiced apico alveolar trill, following the voiceless retroflex stop /t/, the voiced retroflex stop /d/ and the aspirated voiced retroflex stop /dh/ in the end of some words like of Sindhi; ma:itru (relative) can be pronounced as ma:itu, jadru (a handmill) as jadu and wa:dhri (robe) as wa:dhi that frequently occur in the speech communities of various parts of rural and urban Sindh.
197-204) studies what happened to dialect when Tamil speech communities migrated into Karnataka where Kannada is the dominant language.
In: SOCIOLINGUISTIC variation in speech communities.
It is hypothesized that the present speech communities are the result of two different westward routes of migration, one geographically linking Southern Palula (Ashreti) and Sawi with Chilas, the other linking Northern Palula (Biori) and Kalkoti with Tangir, both located in the same general area of the main Indus Valley.
Overall, I left Voice Days believing that the speech communities in the U.
As Elbow uses linguistic theory to explain his impetus for having written his chapters on the writing workshop, he enters into a brief explanation of the "speech community," stating, in sum, that speakers will ultimately make meaning only in ways that the larger speech communities will accept.
Conrad's earlier interest in individual speech communities has given way to an exploration of the interactions between different communities.
When languages are in contact, understanding is possible when the two speech communities have much in common in terms of cultural interaction, traditions, life-style etc.
While the conference of 9 September 2004 focused on equality between Irish- and Scots-speakers, it is difficult to separate disparities in provision for the two languages from their stage of development and the size of their respective speech communities.