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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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The Specwar features 154 CM blade steel and G-10 handles.
Up until recently the approach to logistics support ashore for SPECWAR operators was jokingly referred to as "go forward and mooch.
1 Schrade Premium Stockman 2 Schrade 470T Safe-T-Grip 3 Buck Vanguard 4 Buck Nighthawk 5 XLTi Titanium 6 Cold Steel Voyager 7 Coast C50S Lite Knife 8 Coast C70S Lite Knife 9 Elishewitz Specter 10 Elishewitz Mars 11 Spyderco USA Flag "Q" 12 Spyderco C48 Tim Wegner 13 Benchmade Sentinel 14 Benchmade Stryker 15 Emerson Specwar 16 Emerson Commander 17 Walter Brend Fighter (LDC) 18 John W.
Thanks to the transportation and construction capabilities of the Seabee teams, mobile quarters offer SPECWAR teams the flexibility to take their stealth and their talents to any of the world's environments.
Since the shift from the SPECWAR arena, the operational tempo has stayed the same, but the mindset is different.
And mentally, never give yourself the option to quit, said Master Chief Information Systems Technician Dennis Wilbanks, head SEAL recruiter who with more than 25 years in the SPECWAR community, has seen hundreds of Sailors come and go through BUD/S.