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Synonyms for speculate

Synonyms for speculate

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

to draw an inference on the basis of inconclusive evidence or insufficient information

to formulate or assert as a tentative explanation

to take a risk in the hope of gaining advantage

Synonyms for speculate

talk over conjecturally, or review in an idle or casual way and with an element of doubt or without sufficient reason to reach a conclusion

invest at a risk


References in classic literature ?
A speculator bridged a couple of barrels with a board and we hired standing places on it.
A man kept me to breed chil'en for market, and sold 'em as fast as they got big enough; last of all, he sold me to a speculator, and my Mas'r got me o' him."
I had one child after I come here; and I thought then I'd have one to raise, cause Mas'r wasn't a speculator. It was de peartest little thing!
Henry Half acre was a speculator in town-lots--a profession that was, just then, in high repute in the city of New York.
He is said to be a bold speculator. Since his arrival in England he has invested, with great judgment, in house property.
They say you're a speculator. Put me in for a good thing, there's a dear!
He had been a hard worker, a daring speculator with nerves of iron, and courage which would have glorified a nobler cause.
The history of trading on the US commodity exchanges for literally the past 100 years reveals that 85 percent of all trading is done by speculators. While both producers-usually farmers-and commodity users like meatpacking plants and bakeries do trade the physical commodity, short-term price movements are determined by speculators who never hold the commodity but gain profit or suffer loss from price movements.
The rise in US inventories has acted to either drive speculators away from bets on higher prices or to encourage bearish speculators to short the market and bet on lower prices, which is one of the factors behind oil price weakness in recent months.
The cost of some stocks can seriously fluctuate, on what speculators can earn.
Unfortunately, Corcept's success has attracted speculators who seek to enrich themselves by driving down the price of our stock.
Arabica coffee and raw sugar on ICE Futures US rose on Monday, supported by a strengthening of top grower Brazil's currency and after short covering inspired by data showing speculators took record bearish stances.
The country's agriculture chief has issued a warning to 'market speculators' to stop using the new tax law to increase prices in the market, adding that he would not hesitate to resort to importation to stabilize prices.
The new measures will make investing in the Vancouver housing market less attractive and reduce the number of foreign buyers and speculators interested in the Vancouver market.
Global Banking News-January 23, 2018--Iran central bank governor warns currency speculators