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Synonyms for speculator


Synonyms for speculator

one who speculates for quick profits

a person engaged in buying and selling

Synonyms for speculator

someone who makes conjectures without knowing the facts

Related Words

someone who risks losses for the possibility of considerable gains

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En 40, ce sont des speculatores qui portent aux consuls et au senat les lettres de Caligula qui se glorifie d'exploits en Germanie.
Un de ces speculatores est figure sur un bas-relief trouve a Viminacium en Mesie superieur.
In a later charter affirming the convent's status as a Cistercian house, following the institutes of Citeaux, Jacques de Bazouches draws out a metaphor that had the ring of a sermon, comparing the new nunnery to the construction of Noah's ark, which saved a few from the inundation of sins: 'nos superna dispositione speculatores in domo Domini constituti ad previdendos de longe et precavendos callidi insidiatoris incursus speculam nobis statuere disposuimus altiorem et cum Noe arcam fabricare in qua pauce anime salve fiant inundante diluvio peccatorum' (Carolus-Barre, p.
La que debe realizarse --a los ojos de Jonas--, naturalmente, por los obispos, que se encargan de la voluntad divina, en tanto que speculatores Domini.
The military policemen working under these officials were called speculatores.