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the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism

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The challenge the team overcame to make this breakthrough was to focus the entire visible spectrum of light to make it white light.
Compounding to the lights performance is Go Grow LED's unique ability to replicate the Sun's natural full spectrum of light and the Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) that plants see and utilize for growth.
Later, other scientists refined Newton's discovery, such as German optician Joseph Fraunhofer, who used a diffraction grating to show that the spectrum of light given off by the sun had noticeable gaps at key frequencies.
In the first episode, the pair are focusing on the sense of sight, going beyond the spectrum of light that the human eye can see.
The researchers ran simulations testing the spectrum of light in various wavelengths.
But a few halos are backlit by extremely bright, distant galactic nuclei called quasars that shine with a nearly uniform spectrum of light.
An observation of the spectrum of light is a study of the quality of light -- how good is it for plants?
His most famous design was the iconic sleeve for the 1973 record, which featured a spectrum of light split by a triangular prism His credits also include albums by Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel and Muse.
Ambient-light sensors require the widest dynamic range possible to support a broad spectrum of light conditions, from direct sunlight to complete darkness with every variation in between.
Fistral Beach's younger sister, the five-year-old Brookville, has run twice in bumpers, placing once, and he has two other siblings: Letterpress by King's Theatre, who has won one hurdle from three starts for Graham Wylie and Howard Johnson, and Spectrum Of Light, by Spectrum, unplaced on both starts at two.
Visible light, including the familiar spectrum of light that becomes visible in a rainbow, is an example of radiation.
Isis Innovation researchers claim to have developed a second-generation thin film inorganic solar cell system that performs in the visible spectrum of light and is not composed of finite rare earth and/or toxic materials.
you by reading its "red shift" along a spectrum of light.
Next on the scene were high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps (a type of HID lamp), which produce a continuous (but narrow) spectrum of light.
You may think that the light required to produce melatonin must be from a natural source, but artificial light will do the job well provided that is comparable to the natural daylight spectrum of light.
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