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The R&S FPL1000 spectrum analyzer operates in the frequency range from 5 kHz to 3 GHz.
Any kind of services or solutions offered with a spectrum analyzer as the base product
As described by Tek's Maxwell, "The RSA306 is a USB spectrum analyzer that also performs vector signal analysis of signals, including for commercial wireless standards.
The FSH3 spectrum analyzer therefore represents receive signals at the correct frequency even with large display ranges of the order of 3 GHz.
The R&S FSW85 signal and spectrum analyzer now provides 5 GHz analysis bandwidth, which is required for analyzing wideband signals such as automotive radar FMCW chirp signals, IEEE 802.
The RF-Vue T10 spectrum analyzer is an RF communications tool integrated with a 10-inch Windows 8 Touch Tablet.
com)-- Rohde & Schwarz, a leading manufacturer of test & measurement, communications and broadcasting equipment, has developed a rugged, lightweight and portable spectrum analyzer that provides complete and efficient field measurements.
The p1411A includes an exclusive spectrum analyzer display along with an internal IQ waveform generator.
The model VC900 vector spectrum analyzer improves quality of service by monitoring intermittent sources of interference.
to include the following parts: part# mdo3afg-(1) arbitrary function generator, part# mdo3sa-increase spectrum analyzer input frequency to 3ghz, part# mdo3mso -(16)digital channels; three (3) each of part# mdo3012-mixed domain oscilloscope; (2) 100mhz analog channels, 10m record length, 100mhz spectrum analyzer, 3-year warranty, certificate of traceable calibration standard.
With the ever-expanding adoption of wireless in embedded systems of all types, there's no question that having spectrum analyzer capability in an oscilloscope is a time-savings convenience for designers.
The model R&S FSH3 spectrum analyzer features an upper frequency limit of 3 GHz and numerous measurement functions.
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