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SPEX SamplePrep was founded in 1954 to provide superior sample preparation equipment and supplies for spectroscopists.
Solar system planetary scientists, brown dwarf and exoplanet observers and theoreticians, molecular spectroscopists, and instrument specialists discuss methods and findings in the composition of atmospheres around planets beyond the solar system.
The finest spectroscopists, including John Landauer and John Bishop Tingle [21, p.
For non-Raman spectroscopists the observation of any level of fluorescence background can lead to a desire to move to a different excitation wavelength.
Modeling of these compounds in the gas and aqueous phases, as well as the chemisorbed species on the surface of silver, would enable the interpretation of their chemical structures by spectroscopists.
This reference is for materials scientists, spectroscopists, chemists, physicists, and medicinal chemists.
Grevesse says he'd like to see better data from atomic spectroscopists (scientists who study the spectral lines created by different elements) in order to better calibrate observations of the sun.
Waters clearly hopes to put a much more powerful LC/MS system in the hands of non-mass spectroscopists.
On the other hand, spectroscopists can properly interpret spectral changes but do not always have insight into how process may affect the chemistry.
Routine LC/MS and GC/MS devices are now fully automated bench-top units of a few hundred pounds that can be operated by laboratorians who are not themselves mass spectroscopists.
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Although this gap has lessened considerably at the two most recent meetings, it still appears that the demand for mass spectroscopists exceeds the supply.
As an aid to vibrational spectroscopists and polymer scientists, this article discusses some of the most important commercial polymers and their infrared spectra.