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spectroscope for obtaining a mass spectrum by deflecting ions into a thin slit and measuring the ion current with an electrometer

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This 3-year mission includes three spectrometers, two of them studying high- and low-energy X rays from solar flares.
The USB4000 Spectrometer selected by Huge Winners is distinguished by enhanced electronics: 16-bit A/D resolution for auto nulling (an enhanced electrical dark-signal correction); EEPROM storage of calibration coefficients for simple spectrometer start-up; 8 programmable GPI0 signals for controlling peripheral devices; and an electronic shutter for spectrometer integration times as fast as 3.
For two 45-minute intervals near the craft's closest approach to the planet, an imaging spectrometer designed to study the atmosphere of Jupiter and its large satellites sampled the temperature of regions on the nightside of Venus.
The WSU research team created an eight channel smartphone spectrometer that can detect human interleukin-6 (IL-6), a known biomarker for lung, prostate, liver, breast and epithelial cancers.
Unique to Tornado, HyperFlux Raman spectrometers overcome the trade-off between light throughput and spectral resolution using the proprietary HTVS[TM] (High Throughput Virtual Slit) beam reformatting technology that eliminates the need for a slit to achieve high resolution.
Handheld and miniaturized molecular spectrometers have primarily delivered capabilities for color measurement or spectrometry in the ultraviolet-visible (UVVIS), [3] near infrared, or infrared (IR) ranges, but several factors can limit their performance.
The most commonly used molecular spectrometers are UV-Vis and fluorescence instruments, while mass spectrometers (measuring accurately the mass of selected ions of interest) have become the detector of choice for commonly used separation systems, including gas, liquid and ion chromatography systems.
The benefit to marrying miniature fiber optic-based spectrometers to smartphone applications comes from the modularity, low cost, and compact size of these spectrometers, the company reports.
Derivation is electronically made at intervals of milliseconds, and acquisition time of spectrum is determined by modern spectrometers of the type used in achieving the instrument in question, in the same field of milliseconds.
Available in both UV (200-1100 nm) and Vis-NIR (400-2500 nm) versions, the SteadiQ interfaces directly with Ocean Optics' USB2000+, USB4000, HR2000+, HR4000, Maya2000, Maya2000 Pro, QE65000, and NIRQuest spectrometers.
From the moment of foundation of the company in 1979, the main product of the company were the mo-bile and small analytical spectrometers for the analysis of the chemical composition of metallic components without taking laboratory samples.
However, as discussed by Preston (2001), much of this discussion is moot, because most soil scientists have very limited access to NMR spectrometers, and often lack the resources to implement sophisticated techniques.
Performance of NMR spectrometers greatly depends on homogeneity and strength of the magnetic field.
Specifically, the EDX-720 can detect toxic heavy metals such as lead and cadmium with a two- to fourfold higher sensitivity than the conventional spectrometers.