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The giant, in the case of spectrochemical analysis, is English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton, who in 1666 discovered that the white light of the sun could be dispersed into a series of colours, which he called "spectrum.
Crouch, Spectrochemical Analysis (Prentice Hall International, Inc.
Mitchell RL (1948) 'The spectrochemical analysis of soils, plants and related materials.
A major effort of this group is the hyperspectral imaging of questioned documents and obliterated handwriting in order to provide spectrochemical analysis.
The FastImageIR from Digilab is an affordable, complete system for spectrochemical analysis.
He said ASTM E716 defined "Standard Practices for Sampling Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys for Spectrochemical Analysis," but the influence of those practices upon the actual analysis results developed isn't commonly recognized.