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(astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum)

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In the current work, three speech enhancement methods namely Wiener filter, spectral subtraction and subspace method are systematically compared using cochlear implant simulations to fully assess the effect of spectral shift on these three speech enhancement methods.
2] to the expressions of instantaneous mechanical energy, spectral shift and equations of motion for test particles and photons in combined spherically symmetric gravitational and electric field.
In this regard the accepted mechanism suggests that the dye cations bind to adjacent sites of the polymer forming a single individual compound, which is considered to arise from electrostatic interaction among neighboring dye molecules and fixed sites on polymer as a result of which they suffer effective aggregation resulting in hypochromic and hypsochromic spectral shifts in the absorption band of the dye [26].
In this article, we verify the validity of our metric tensor exterior to a massive homogeneous oblate spheroid by studying gravitational spectral shift in the vicinity of the Sun, Earth and other oblate spheroidal planets.
There is little spectral shift among these antibodies, but the spectra are shifted to the red when compared to fluorescein in solution.
In developing the algorithm to approximate a specific source distribution, the spectral shift of each set of LEDs must be measured as a function of drive current and included in the model.
There are also subtleties about how interactions among the nanotubes, the polymeric host and the substrate affect the reproducibility and long-term stability of the spectral shifts.
Simple rapid examination reveals the spectral shifts in the visible region as discoloration occurs but the WideWavelength method picks up both this and also molecular degradation in the NIR region.
Other enhancements include the AnalyzeIt MVP application, which offers a peak alignment feature to adjust and correct unwanted spectral shifts prior to chemometric analysis.
Experiments performed by our collaborators in Germany showed that atomic-scale modifications of the tip-sample region caused observable spectral shifts of the measured fluorescence.
Extremely subtle spectral shifts are what professional astronomers currently use to detect planets around stars.
Observed spectral shifts in organic fibers resulting from tension can represent an in situ strain gage for composite parts.
Nonetheless, the expansion of the theory strengthens the case for a third physical mechanism underlying spectral shifts even in light from stationary sources.
But spectral shifts would have to be measured at the parts-per-billion level or better to discern the effects of extrasolar Earths.
Their rebuttal spelled out numerous objections to the nonradial-pulsation model for 51 Pegasi's spectral shifts.
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