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quantitative chemical analysis by color using a colorimeter

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Changes in the spectral reflectance curves of canola occur largely in response to morphological changes in the canopy that took place during the various stages of the growth cycle and to associated weather conditions.
Simple linear regression and reflectance sensitivity analysis used to determine the optimum wavelengths for the nondestructive assessment of chlorophyll in fresh leaves using spectral reflectance.
Identification of yellow rust in wheat using in-situ spectral reflectance measurements and airborne hyperspectral imaging.
Firstly, we compared the spectral reflectance of In island-structured films having different island sizes with bulk sample.
In the 750 to 780 nm near-infrared band, the percent spectral reflectance of the grass was higher than that of the surrounding non-nest soil, sand, and the fire ant nest soil (p < 0.
The SRS Spectral Reflectance Sensors are available in the UK from Labcell, together with EM50G data loggers, DataTrac 3 software and a broad portfolio of other instrumentation relating to plants and soils.
The seagrass biomass, shoot and root density and spectral reflectance will also be measured.
The lithology of the Alamo Impact in Nevada was assessed with Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) imagery utilizing distinctive spectral reflectance of rocks and minerals.
The instrument package includes four active radiometers for measuring canopy spectral reflectance in three wavebands, eight infrared thermometers for measuring canopy temperature, four sonar sensors that measure canopy height, and an RTK UPS receiver for horizontal and vertical positioning.
Variations in leaf chlorophyll content detectable by spectral reflectance have also been shown to be related to leaf development and senescence (Carter and Knapp, 2001).
Emittance values are evaluated from the integrated values of the spectral reflectance.
Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor enables the detection of whole viruses and viral proteins with a new label-free platform based on spectral reflectance imaging.
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