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quantitative chemical analysis by color using a colorimeter

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With the distance of 15 cm to the sample, the recorded spectrum was an average spectral reflectance of the surface area of 35 [cm.sup.2], which equals a circle of 6.5 cm in diameter.
At the same time of leaf collection, the spectral reflectance was measured from 10:00 to 14:30.
Changes in the spectral reflectance curves of canola occur largely in response to morphological changes in the canopy that took place during the various stages of the growth cycle and to associated weather conditions.
The spectral reflectance factors for sintered PTFE are traceable to the scale for spectral reflectance factor of pressed PTFE, which were established using the absolute method of Van den Akker [3] in the NIST Spectral Tri-function Automated Reference Reflectometer (STARR) facility [4].
For example, the wood species recognition accuracy is not good for wood veneer if there are many defects on wood surface by using spectral reflectance features.
Gamon, "Relationships between leaf pigment content and spectral reflectance across a wide range of species, leaf structures and developmental stages," Remote Sensing of Environment, vol.
(a) Spectral reflectance of Si[N.sub.x] NDL with refractive index from 1.9 to 2.1 and normal incident light from 300 nm to 900 nm.
Identification of yellow rust in wheat using in-situ spectral reflectance measurements and airborne hyperspectral imaging.
Many researchers have attempted to estimate chlorophyll content using light reflectance and/or the vegetation index (VI) (ratio combining information contained in two spectral bands to derive vegetation greenness and canopy characteristics) because measurement of spectral reflectance provides a rapid, nondestructive method for pigment estimation (Thomas and Gausman, 1977; Sims and Gamon, 2002).
Firstly, we compared the spectral reflectance of In island-structured films having different island sizes with bulk sample.
The implementation of the physical relation between spectral reflectance and light attenuation is the base of extracting information from multispectral satellite imagery over water bodies.
This method uses the spectral reflectance in the visible region to predict the color of opaque materials.
Third, the soil moisture was altered by uniformly spraying the sample 17 times with water, and the spectral reflectance and weight of each sample were measured after each sample was permeated completely by water.
Labcell has introduced the Decagon Devices SRS Spectral Reflectance Sensors for measuring NDVI (normalised differential vegetation index) and PRI (photochemical reflectance index) at the plot or plant stand scale.
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