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spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a self-luminous source

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Energy-saving light bulbs and the screens of many devices show peaks in spectral emission in the shorter wavelengths of the spectrum (blue and violet), much of which may be high energy waste, light of little use to the eye but increasing the background radiation, and potentially, increasing the risk of damage to the eye.
In order to begin a cooperative effort, communication links must be established so the microwave industry knows the spectral requirements of wireless systems and the wireless community understands the spectral emissions of industrial and consumer microwave equipment.
By filtering its broadband spectral emissions, they can deliver a microsecond pulse of ultraviolet light that penetrates even cloudy ice.
The FCC requires these systems to operate with minimized adjacent out-of-band spectral emissions (spectral containment).
But if observers looked straight through the hole of the dusty doughnut, the same galaxies would instead broadcast the brilliant, wideband spectral emissions typical of a naked, radio-emitting quasar or Type I Seyfert.
This 2-1/2-year mission aims to make the first sky survey of spectral emissions between ultraviolet light and X-rays.
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