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a sport that many people find entertaining to watch

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For the past half-century, football has been America's game, unrivaled by any other spectator sport.
Hypothesis 1: Given that they have a positive attitude toward spectator sports, self-directive people will be more likely than others would be to identify with a sports team.
Ironically, the decline of manufacturer backing for BTCC comes as it has evolved into one of the UK's most watched spectator sports.
Spectator sports employment includes those who are part of live sporting events that take place in front of a paying audience.
RUGBY League is the best value major spectator sport in the country according to a new survey.
Unlike most other spectator sports, only those who have tried to play the game can really appreciate the athleticism and mental tenacity required to succeed.
In this article, I examine the uses of spectator sports to universities, particularly in supporting external relations.
With few exceptions, these pages are filled with stories and statistics about spectator sports, yet rarely have more than a brief item or perhaps a weekly column about a category of sports activity that attracts more consumer spending than all the spectator sports combined.
In order to determine respondents' level of social activity they were asked how often they participated in the following: eating out, going to a movie, attending spectator sports, participating in sports, going to the theater or ballet, going shopping, playing bingo, playing cards, attending church services, attending church social activities, attending social club meetings, and going dancing.
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation:Performing Arts, Spectator Sports
Spectator sport attitudes indicate a person's enduring favorable or unfavorable evaluations and emotional feelings toward spectator sports (Gau & Korzenny, 2009).
Gruber's wide-ranging analysis of culture does not stop with a critique of Socialist policies towards the fine arts; he analyzes festivals and participatory sports within the socialist milieu, as well as the new commercial and mass cultural forms of the twentieth century, namely the cinema, the radio, and spectator sports.