Indian cobra

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a cobra of tropical Africa and Asia


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Of the 200 odd species of snakes found in India, only four are truly venomous and widely distributed: the spectacled cobra, the common krait, Russell's viper, and saw scaled viper.
The most common is the spectacled cobra, followed by the rat snake.
A good thing, too, since every creature we meet in these slithery pages is some sort of snake, be it a bushmaster in South America, a spectacled cobra in Southeast Asia, a tiger rattlesnake in Australia or a boomslang in Africa.
Almost undoubtedly, considering the area, a spectacled cobra.
These are the spectacled cobra, the Russell's viper, the saw scaled viper and the common krait.
Deepu explained that the spectacled cobra (Naja naja) is instantly recognizable because of the regal marking--a pair of lens joined by a wide 'V'--on the back of its hood.
Along with the spectacled cobra, the Russell's viper is found all over the country and is responsible for much of the twenty to thirty thousand deaths due to snakebites every year in India.