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Synonyms for humidity

Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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Observed relationship between surface specific humidity, integrated water vapor, and longwave downward radiation at different altitudes.
Both mean bias and mean gross errors for specific humidity were well within acceptable thresholds.
w] are coefficients of compressibility of dry air and of water vapor; p, T and q are pressure, temperature and specific humidity of the atmospheric air; [k.
Figure 7 and Figure 8 shows the time evolution of the potential temperature and the specific humidity for the bulk (mixed-layer) values.
Conventional notation is mostly used in the book, but they use both q and m for specific humidity in different parts of the book and use r for mixing ratio.
Materials with engineered pore structures can passively remove humidity from the ambient air at a specific humidity level.
The rate of change of specific humidity of supply air when the evaporator wall temperature is more than the dew-point temperature is given by
c] and [chi]*, we substitute the expression (3) for the mean liquid water potential temperature and the total specific humidity into Eqs.
3]/min flow rate for create comfort condition indoor dry bulb temperature 26[degrees]C and specific humidity 10.
The lowest full level, where temperature, specific humidity and wind are defined, is located at about 30 meters above ground level (AGL).
Despite the decrease in air temperature, surface air specific humidity was the same on days when the ocean warmed as when it cooled.