specific gravity

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the density of a substance relative to the density of water

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Because the specific gravities for aluminum and its oxide are so close, aluminum oxide will settle in molten aluminum, which can be seen in the amount of aluminum oxide sludge removed from the floor of a reverberatory furnace during cleaning.
The specific gravities of 49 disc-shaped Guangdong tektites with masses between 10.
B0175-21, Atlantic, B0177-20, B0175-20, B0255-9 and B0257-3 had the highest specific gravities.
A wide range of specific gravities of separation can be acheived ( most commonly between 1.
LNP Engineering Plastics will be featuring its newly expanded line of high-specific-gravity compounds, which now covers 14 resin families and specific gravities of 1.
They also are formulated with minimal fluoride content yet still assist in purging glasses in the removal of hydrogen and maintenance of desired specific gravities.
The major emphasis is on fillers that provide lighter specific gravities and are cost effective.