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the ratio of the density of something to the density of a standard

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The radius of curvature of the seam trajectory of the upper work piece, the radius of curvature of the seam trajectory of the lower work piece, the total deviation of both trajectories, the specific density of seam stitches, the seam length and the nominal sewing speed of the sewing machine that performs sewing represent the input elements of the program.
35 Consumption, lb/HP-hr = Average Specific Density of #2 6.
He derived his value on the basis of the specific density of Ti[O.
By calculating a specific density of the material and using the proper surface-area-to-volume ratio, Flextank maturation vessels passively micro-oxygenate the wine.
Some of the greatest challenges are particle size and the high specific density of the particle that can cause settling," said Ms.
The microbes emit light when their populations reach a specific density.
The Galino works on Galileo's discovery that a body floating in liquid is compelled to sink as temperatures rise - due to a decrease in the specific density of liquids.
Using Eberhardt's (1968) multiple comparison test, we did not reject the null hypothesis that sea state specific density was independent of survey year; therefore, sighting data by BF sea state were pooled across years, where average density for each sea state was calculated as a weighted average proportional to distance searched.