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Synonyms for extinction

Synonyms for extinction

Synonyms for extinction

no longer active

no longer in existence


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the reduction of the intensity of radiation as a consequence of absorption and radiation

complete annihilation

a conditioning process in which the reinforcer is removed and a conditioned response becomes independent of the conditioned stimulus

the act of extinguishing

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Preventing species extinctions is SavingSpecies' only objective.
The World Parks Congress, which will outline a global agenda for protected areas for the next decade before closing on November 19, comes a month after the member nations of the UN's Convention of Biological Diversity met in South Korea to lay out a roadmap to halt species extinction by 2020.
Some of the benefits, Srilata pointed out as she spoke with other environmentally-oriented march participants and spectators, were that that a vegan lifestyle uses substantially less energy than a carnist, or meat-eating diet; that with a vegan lifestyle there was much less air pollution, ocean acidification, chance of oil spills, habitat destruction, and global warming; and that a vegan diet compared to a carnist, or meat-eating diet, contributes less to drinking water shortages, land degradation, deforestation, and species extinction.
This is also causing an alarming rise in the rate of species extinction in these nations as the fragile biomes are unable to survive the environmental changes.
Seyed-Emami wrote a prologue titled "A Call to Conscience," about the growing awareness in Iran of the dangers of species extinction and the artist's contribution to the cause.
do not compare to the problems of other countries where sea levels rise (and) drought and flooding have devastated populations and are causing species extinction.
In any discussion of biodiversity and species extinction, someone usually insists that overpopulation is the problem.
It's no longer a luxury to speculate about climate change or species extinction.
Hunting and the loss of habitat are two main reasons for species extinction.
New Delhi, Dhu-AlHijjah 3, 1433, Oct 19, 2012, SPA -- Negotiators at a UN conference on biodiversity were struggling Friday to raise funds to meet previously stated goals of curbing species extinction and reducing habitat loss, dpa reported.
But these efforts could also increase carbon dioxide in the air and nitrogen in the soil and contribute to species extinction, warns a team of researchers in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The thriving vibrant ecosystems are quickly turning into a degraded state, we are altering the landscape on an unprecedented scale, and current species extinction rates greatly exceed those of the historical past.
The Earth's natural resources like food, water and forests are being depleted at an alarming speed, causing hunger, conflict, social unrest and species extinction, experts at a climate and health conference in London warned on Monday.
What many of us don't realise is that the illegal wildlife trade is one of the main causes of species extinction in the wild," said Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, secretary general of Environment Agency -- Abu Dhabi (EAD).
In fact, the current rate is at least 10,000 times greater than the historic average rate of species extinction according to the United Nations Development Programme, an organization dedicated to world development and poverty reduction.