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82) The general suspension of specie payment began, and in May 1858 the Chicago Tribune reported that "in other parts of the state [out of Chicago], banking means anything but paying specie on demand.
9) The Southern states encouraged and later authorized their banks to suspend specie payments in exchange for emergency "war loans" needed to make hasty war preparations even before the Confederacy could be organized.
If the bank note reporter did not list a discount rate for a bank, it usually gave a specific reason for the omission, such as: the notes were not selling because there was no demand for them because it was believed they could not be redeemed, or the buying agent refused to buy them because the bank was believed to be unstable and it was likely the notes would not be redeemed, or the bank was in a weak condition and had suspended specie payments.
Calomiris notes that to the bank's credit it did not suspend specie payment during the crisis.
As figure 1 shows, following the suspension of specie payments in 1837, the deflation was quickly reversed.
During the war national banks could redeem their notes in greenbacks, but with the resumption of specie payments, the NBS would serve as a reform to the old system.
The mistakes of the policies surrounding the French assignat did not translate into the same disastrous results for the British because the Bank of England always intended to resume specie payments.
At about the same time, the Bank of Kentucky suspended specie payments (11 Jan.
The second quarterly payment exhausted their resources, and in May 1837 banks throughout the country suspended specie payments.
1) Because the suspension of specie payments was closely followed by a big increase in government borrowing -at relatively low interest rates - The Bank of Ireland's attitude to its new-found control over the money supply was ambivalent.
During the Napoleonic War and World War I for England, the Civil War for the United States, and the Franco - Prussian War for France, specie payments were suspended, and paper money and debt were issued.
Hayes's chief actions in office were to withdraw troops from three southern states, clean up scandalous conditions in the New York Customs House, and resume specie payments.
In the early days of the war, Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, and Russia all went off the gold standard as they suspended specie payments and instituted legal or de facto embargoes on the export of gold by private citizens.
Specie payments were not resumed until February 1817, two years after the war was over.
6) The lone exception to Van Buren's rejection of government activism was a proposal for a new bankruptcy law that would allow the national government to shut down any bank that too long suspended specie payments.