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a store that sells only one kind of merchandise

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With the advent of supermalls and larger specialty stores on cheap land outside the downtown, customer patronage on Queen Street has dwindled.
If you look at the bulk of the business, it's in the mass merchants and specialty stores, and that's where it looks like it will stay," said Beth Mack, senior vice president of the basic bedding division of Hollander Home Fashions.
According to the study, specialty stores (24%) had the largest increase in Windows NT/2000 year to year and the larger format grocery stores (20.
As a result of the recession, the vast majority of consumers have become more price conscious, purchasing during sales and shopping at discount specialty store instead of department stores.
Penney account; Nancy Cartisano, formerly product manager for department and specialty stores, to director of sourced products; and Eddy Corado, formerly associate product manager for national chains, to product manager for department and specialty stores.
Specialty stores took in two percentage points more last year as mass merchants' market share declined by one percentage point.
Department stores and catalogs lost their respective market share to mass merchants and clubs and specialty stores.
NEW YORK-With specialty stores accounting for nearly a third of the total tabletop market share in 2000, according to HFN statistics, it appears they are filling a niche and staying alive.
This is not exactly brain surgery, but it seems like a whole lot of times, those people who operate said specialty stores don't always remember this rather basic fact.
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