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2 percent of the world's coffee production, and its infamous growth fuels demand for high-priced specialty coffees.
Tie together all the different ways you serve and sell coffee, from beverages to whole bean to ground coffee, with a promotion that illustrates to customers that you are their complete resource for high-quality specialty coffees.
Over 100 roasters, mainly from Italy, Germany and Switzerland, but also from Spain, France and Austria, had the opportunity to discuss with a delegates from Brazil, including representatives of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) and many other people from the coffee business -- for example, agents and coffee consultants.
That's because specialty coffees command hefty prices on world markets.
Coffee is starting to taste good again," says Dave Dallis, president of the Specialty Coffee Association.
while traditional tinned ground and instant coffee sales have slumped, coffee bars and specialty beans have become the fastest-growing trend in the food industry over the last two years, according to Ted Lingle, executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
About 15 years ago the Coffee Development Group published a brochure titled, What Makes Specialty Coffee So Special.
He is also the chairman of the Specialty Coffee and Tea Association of Norway.
Before specialty coffee moved into the consumer mainstream, it first had to change the way the American people thought about coffee.
In the report's epilogue, "Forecast for the Ninety's," SCAA forecasts that supermarkets will continue to be the leading distribution channel for specialty coffees, selling 1.
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