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a medical establishment run by a group of medical specialists

meeting for diagnosis of problems and instruction or remedial work in a particular activity

a healthcare facility for outpatient care

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He told Panorama: "Unfortunately with the enormous demand from patients at the moment waiting to be seen at specialist clinics there is a waiting list of between six months and a year.
Ex-wife Sheryl would only say at her home in Stanstead Abbotts, Herts: "He is in a specialist clinic.
A specialist clinic that will deliver eye care to children with special needs in the Midlands will be established at Aston University.
Scope 2 - providing medical services by specialists within the specialist clinic.
Jean Marquez's The Skin Specialist clinic, Ulthera is one of the most requested procedures of patients 40 years old and up, both male and female.
Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, has signed a strategic partnership deal with Wellmed Clinic, a leading orthopaedic specialist clinic, to provide value added healthcare services to its cardholders.
Cally was taken to hospital in Tarragona then "own on to a specialist clinic Cally was taken to hospital in Tarragona then "own on to a specialist clinic in Barcelona.
Of 2,000 su"erers surveyed, half said they had not been to a specialist clinic in the past ve years.
A GROUND-breaking specialist clinic has opened to treat injuries caused by dancing.
Tragically, despite three trips to a specialist clinic in Germany for treatment, Kane passed away on Wednesday.
The children have been hospitalized, and although their lives are not in immediate danger, they may be transferred to a specialist clinic to prevent their condition from deteriorating.
His specialist clinic at Swansea's Morriston Hospital had 1,000 referrals in just 18 months.
USP operates 12 hospitals, one specialist clinic and 22 auxiliary clinics, with a total of over 1,200 beds.
Referrals to a specialist clinic led to half of those assessed being newly diagnosed with the condition.
I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2005 and referred to the specialist clinic in Morriston Hospital, Swansea.
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