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(usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

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The candidates have already been making a lot of noise and so have all of those so-called special-interest groups. And it's about to get a whole lot noisier as we approach the party conventions and then plunge headlong into fall.
* By 2001, computervision programs, sponsored by corporations and special-interest groups, will become equal mixtures of entertainment, sales promotion, and advocacy, destroying the effectiveness of editing programs that recognize advertising.
More and more narrowly defined special-interest groups are springing up in Washington, complete with a full array of lobbyists, lawyers, influence peddlers, and PACs, to defend and improve upon their government subsidies, tax breaks, trade preferences, and rigged deals.
BE: The Democratic Party is routinely lambasted for being "held hostage" by so-called special-interest groups. How can the party project an image that shows it has the support of these groups, but maintains its independence from them?
He characterizes private free-market planning, on the other hand, as localized and focused, and flexible and short term, having less corruption by special-interest groups, and being disciplined by the planners' having a personal stake in the outcome.
The net result is a two-party system where each party is built on a coalition of special-interest groups. The broad middle is not served by either party.
Other tort "reform" measures were specifically included by special-interest groups, such as the lead paint industry, to prohibit consumers from bringing lawsuits when harmed by lead paint and other products.
But he has failed to note that scientists he promotes, such as James Hansen [and] Michael Oppenheimer, are both recipients of huge sums of money from environmental special-interest groups."
Ever since newspapers began, special-interest groups have tried to influence the quality and quantity of the news printed.
Now imagine the same type of argument about whether any textbook deserves a one-size-fits-all type of adoption, how electronic materials should fit into this system, and the ability of special-interest groups from the right and left to have undue influence over a book's content and you begin to understand the magnitude of the problem.
She blithely glides over instances in which those powerful "special-interest groups" would seem to be working at cross purposes.
Pay-as-you-go pension systems in Europe are being blamed in advance for a potential financial crisis that some industry experts believe will be brought on by the behavior of special-interest groups and politicians.
Soft money--gifts from special-interest groups that current law doesn't limit because they're not used in direct support of a candidate for office--is gumming up the works.
"But companies need to hear from real investors, not special-interest groups, about their concerns."
Yet, because of an extensive and expensive propaganda campaign, special-interest groups have for decades squelched any serious reform.
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