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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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Therefore, to more effectively explain why relatively inexpensive and frequently purchased products might be sold with RPM, the procompetitive special service argument is extended to include customer repeat sales and retailer terminations.
2) The authors who claim RPM increases competition rely on the special service argument or one of its variations.
The retail price determined by each individual retailer would presumably include costs of the product and special service.
The result of this free-riding on "quality signalling" is similar to the special service case: high quality retailers will lose the incentive to carry the products.
For instance, if all retail prices are maintained, customers who have obtained special services will still encounter products and make purchases at non-special service retailers.
The Council of Heads of Security Bodies and Special Services of the CIS Member States was established on 28 March 1997 to
coordinate the actions of the security bodies and special services.
First, I show that RPM is a well-crafted marketing strategy designed to ensure retailer-provided special services to consumers by having the manufacturer delegate the monitoring aspects of the policy's enforcement to retailers.
Secondly, I argue that the special services argument remains the best explanation for Monsanto's use of RPM.
Together these points contribute to the literature on RPM through their characterization of the role of non-free-riding dealers as active participants in the enforcement of special services provision.
The second presents a spatial retail model of special services supply.
The catalyst for the Special Services division was the increasing demand from clients requiring non-traditional consultation services including market and cost analysis as well as implementation and execution plans.
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