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(usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

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The only approach to an inward thaw which I have yet detected under her outer covering of icy constraint, has betrayed itself, once or twice, in the form of a suppressed tigerish jealousy of any woman in the house (the maids included) to whom the Count speaks, or on whom he looks with anything approaching to special interest or attention.
And another thing that was of special interest to you was your own sock.
0: Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorder
According to Friends of Voter Owned Elections, the new law helped make Portland elections fair, open and accountable with a more level playing field, less campaign spending, reduced influence of special interests and new options for genuine participation in politics by typical residents from nearly all city neighborhoods.
As campaign spending has mushroomed, special interests have purchased ever-greater influence.
Speakers have detailed many types of state regulations ostensibly to advance the public good but in reality to advance special interests of distributors or retailers or agents.
Where Conquest is unconvincing is in his determination that Europe is "a bloc hindering the development of free trade, being from the global point of view a large-scale special interest (or set of special interests).
reducing the role of money in politics we will never have a government that works as hard for the average American as it does for the special interests.
La Follette said this of the special interests 100 years ago in Wisconsin: "I determined that the power of this corrupt influence, which was undermining and destroying every semblance of representative government, .
Recent populist exhortations to rescue government from the special interests and give it back to the people have a fatal flaw, Jonathan Rauch, author of Demosclerosis (1994), observes in the New Republic (June 6, 1994).
Increasingly, our judges are tinder siege from political partisans and special interests.
It's a contest among special interests that is h ever really resolved.
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