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a special election between regular elections


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It is up to the Senate if it will seek a special election to replace Sen.
The special elections are in the preliminary stages at this point.
In other words, they couldn't legally run in Saturday's special election to fill McClendon's unexpired term.
The Worcester City Council recognized that Tuesday evening when it supported a resolution to hold a special election to fill the soon-to-be-vacant 15th Worcester District House seat.
So Sensenbrenner, aware that simply doing nothing at all was no longer an option, developed an alternative approach: an unfunded mandate ordering the states to hold special elections within 21 days, with ten days for party leaders to name candidates (there would be no time for primaries) and a week and half for campaigning.
2 ballot, if a major-party candidate for the offices of governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, attorney general, state senator or state representative were to die after ballots had been mailed, the secretary of state would be required to call a special election for the affected race.
2844, "requiring the holding of special elections within 45 days after the Speaker or acting Speaker declares 100 or more members of the House have been killed.
The special election in California's Republican-leaning 22nd Congressional District was considered a bellwether of the Religious Right's power.
These numbers are not truly cumulative because some legislators not running in 1994 were elected in 1992 or in special elections.
There cannot be an added precondition," said Kennedy, rejecting the idea of special elections.
LOPE DE VEGA -- Members of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) walked for three hours to get to Barangay Roxas on Friday, a day before special elections in the village, to prepare.
The past four months have seen special elections with four of the 10 lowest turnout rates in modern Texas history, according to data provided by the Texas Legislative Council that did not include runoffs.
DeLeo told the State House News Service that he is leaning against holding special elections in Worcester and a district in Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont, which also is expected to have a vacancy soon.
Several states are holding gubernatorial races this year, while in other states, special elections are being held in newly opened seats.
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