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an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques (especially on film)

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What is not fun are the struggles to improve the local craft, with the entertainment industry more focused on melodrama rather than fantasy, seasonal demand and an audience quick to dismiss Filipino special effects as 'cheap.
Yet a closer look at contemporary television offers a different perspective of special effects.
Notes Geeves, "Color-Logic was formed to address the needs of graphic designers and printers for special effects.
Special effects have been used in films since 1895.
Products include Nimex, metallics, and other special effects concentrates such as wood grain, flow line reducing, and aluminum look.
One good reason to catch Special Effects in this issue is that it will not be back until March.
Examples of the special effects on color that will be available in 1999 include:
Other colors and special effects do not meet compatibility specs but are usable for medical housings.
Use Kelby's guide to understand just how to achieve the special effects used daily in magazines, TV and newspapers through Photoshop techniques.
The company's Fantasia brochure highlights the five technologies and more than 100 colors and special effects that make up what is said to be the industry's broadest initiative for engineering thermoplastics.
Douglas Trumbull, one of those responsible for the training film, was hired by Kubrick as one of four special effects mavens on 2001: A Space Odyssey.
This summer's blockbuster special effects may have you hiding under your seats.
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