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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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Add an exclamation point at the end to meet the special character requirement.
In addition to ditching the requirement for regular password changes, the NIST is also advising sites to allow users to create passwords that are at least 64 characters long and include spaces so people can create pass phrases that may be easier to remember and to ditch special character requirements.
We have a duty to protect the special character of these areas for the benefit of residents and visitors to Swansea so the review we've carried out is proposing a number of revisions and additions to a policy that's already in place.
It went on to say that the proposals would have "significant effects on the special character and qualities of the North Pennines.
To achieve the maximum strength, Microsoft's password checker requires at least 14 characters containing at least one of each of the following types of characters: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special character.
Arbil / NINA /--President of Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani described relations between Kurdistan province and Austria as excellent and joining a special character.
PasswordGenie reported that only 30 percent bang out seven or more characters, while 16 percent focus only on digits, 40 percent use only lowercase letters, and less than 4 percent type a special character or two.
The finished document, which will identify those features that should be retained or improved and highlight any that may detract from its special character, will be incorporated into the Durham City Conservation Area Appraisal, which supports the County Durham Plan.
That takes a very special character and a very special skill, and that's our Scotty for you
Peter Jones-Hughes, principal conservation officer, said: "The results of these changes have diluted the special character of historic areas and have damaged listed buildings.
With its special character, remarkable location and access to precious natural resources, the Fairmont Orchid is a rare property that would be almost impossible to duplicate today.
They were also briefed on significant policy efforts adopted by the NMC to elevate and regulate the media industry in consistence with international best practices without compromising the UAE special character and identity.
He said: "It's sad to see Starbucks go but there is definitely a risk that with too many food-and-drink establishments on Wellfield Road we risk eroding the special character and shopping appeal for the other traders.
It was the family feeling that gave South Bank its special character.
It has non-Jews who live here with full, equal rights, but it has two things that assure its special character.
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