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an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques (especially on film)

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Boardwalk Empire Outstanding special visual effects, 2011
Acclaimed HBO medieval fantasy "Game of Thrones" earned six wins in creative arts categories including costumes and special visual effects last week.
Mohammed Jassim Shuweitar's animation movie "The Power of Generations", swooped the award of best film for special visual effects or computer "Graphics".
Cameron was in the audience, and "Avatar," the biggest box-office hit in history, won just two awards -- production design and special visual effects.
Avatar", the world's biggest-ever grossing movie, picked up just two awards from eight nods for special visual effects and production design.
Avatar was nominated for best film, director, cinematography, editing, music, production design, sound and special visual effects.
SPIN GEAR is an inimitable rollercoaster experience replete with sound and special visual effects.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which received 11 Bafta nominations level with Slumdog, took home three awards - for Production Design, Make-Up & Hair and Special Visual Effects.
Special Visual Effects The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The unique printing capabilities can be used to deter fraud and add special visual effects to documents.
Custom concentrates for special visual effects include fluorescents, pearlescents, iridescents, phosphorescents, granites, marbles, and metallics.
Many of the set pieces rely heavily on special visual effects.
Director Steven Spielberg's new edition features restored footage, added scenes, new special visual effects and a digitally remastered sound track.
SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS FOR A SERIES: ``Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind,'' syndicated; ``Star Trek: Voyager: Dark Frontier,'' UPN; ``Star Trek: Voyager: Thirty Days,'' UPN; ``Star Trek: Voyager: Timeless,'' UPN; ``Total Recall 2070: Machine Dreams,'' Showtime.
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