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Synonyms for swat

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a sharp blow

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hit swiftly with a violent blow

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These special response teams are reserved for special and demanding missions.
As the city of Los Angeles was burning in the wake of the Rodney King verdicts, members of the San Diego, California, Police Department SWAT Special Response Team began developing new methods of extinguishing the violent behavior of an unruly populace.
Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations Special Response Team Members are supporting the federal government response to Hurricane Harvey.
Deputies and Oregon State Police responded, including a sheriff's special response team, because of the nature of the call, the remoteness of the area, and law officials' prior history with the involved parties, Carver said.
LeClerc also is part of a special response team of court officers whose services have been called upon for criminal cases such as the 2008 trial of Che B.
Junction City police and the Lane County sheriff's special response team served a narcotics search warrant at the home in the 1100 block, and found drugs, drug paraphernalia and evidence of delivery of narcotics, police said.
The sheriff's Special Response Team arrived on scene with an armored vehicle and found the suspect's body.
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