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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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The 2016 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference hosted well over 10,000 attendees and featured 400 exhibiting companies May 23-26 at the Tampa Convention Center.
the National Military Command Center gave formal authorization for the deployment of the two special operations force teams from Croatia and the U.
His remarks indicated North Korea is strengthening its special operations force.
As we approach the end of 2014, your Special Operations forces will be ready to adjust to whatever decisions are made regarding our future employment" in Afghanistan, he said.
There are other ways to bolster special operations force numbers, said Sam Miess, a retired sea-air-land (SEAL) officer who works for Concurrent Technologies Corp.
The acquisition of such a helicopter would take the special operations force "to the next level," he says, "to conduct operations, particularly internationally, without having to rely on others for these key enablers.
This is especially true for the members of our Special Operations Forces who are often placed in more complex and challenging environments.
Kabul [Afghanistan], October 27 ( ANI ): At least seven Taliban insurgents have been killed and five others wounded following clashes with the Afghan security and special operations forces in central Maidan Wardak province of Afghanistan.
The Special Operations Forces Global Logistics Support Services (SOF GLSS) program is the largest service contract vehicle of USSOCOM, providing the full scope of logistics services needed to support the U.
The country, and its presidents, have been enamoured with special operations forces ever since Franklin Roosevelt created the first unit in 1942.
Mosul / NINA / Iraqi Special Operations Forces foiled a major offensive to Daesh by ten car bombs in the district of Tal Keif.
At a meeting in Ukraine, Estonian Defense Minister Hannes Hanso praised the members of the Estonian special operations forces who are training members of an Ukrainian special forces regiment.
22 (Petra) -- The new commander of American troops in Iraq and Syria is vowing to defend US special operations forces in northern Syria if regime warplanes and artillery again attack in areas where troops are located.
This event will take place during the 2016 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) that is being held in Tampa, FL.
President Barack Obama announced Monday an additional 250 special operations forces will be sent to Syria in the coming weeks, in an effort to stem the influence and spread of the so-called Islamic State (IS).
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