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Synonyms for occasion

Synonyms for occasion

the general point at which an event occurs


a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

that which produces an effect

that which provides a reason or justification

a large or important social gathering

to be a proper or sufficient occasion for

Synonyms for occasion

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Special occasion collections by Ian Stuart, Condici and John Charles are very popular and begin to arrive instore each December with mid season collections arriving in May.
Two-thirds of British women own both affordable and designer makeup items, yet only use expensive brands around friends or for special occasions, leaving over PS130 worth of expensive make-up to gather dust.
MITCHELLS & Butlers, the UK''s biggest operator of managed pubs with 1,600 sites, placed upmarket, special occasions and family dining at the centre of an investment drive worth up to PS80m a year.
Oslo : By the magic of numbers a Norwegian boy celebrated a very special occasion yesterday, feting his 12th birthday yesterday -- 12/12/12 -- at 12:12 pm, a newspaper reported.
SHARE your wedding anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions with readers.
SPECIAL OCCASIONS If you have spent time choosing an outfit for a special occasion then why not have a special scent to go with it?
A wonderfully imaginative cookbook, "One Dish Meals" is especially recommended to novice chefs needing easy to prepare and inspiringly served meals for any occasion from daily family fare to special occasion dining
Located in the lovely village of Cleadon, Marianne Fashions is a must visit for anyone going to a wedding or special occasion this year.
We all love to celebrate a special occasion with a meal out with our friends, family and loved-ones and as our survey suggests, we're not shy about spending an extra bob or two to celebrate," said Mark Maddock of lastminute.
net WHAT WE NEED All you have to do is write about 150 words about your special occasion, make sure you include your name, address and contact phone number and send us a j-peg photo.
As reported in Tuesday's Examiner, Huddersfield Town have announced that Saturday, April 26, will be a special occasion for ALL Town fans, past and present, to mark 100 years of support.
WHEN I go to Goodison I wear my best suit and tie because, to me, it is a special occasion.
But the singer-songwriter has not ruled out performing in another one-off concert for a special occasion.
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