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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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Here a number of the "organic" connections between state-organized special forces and private security companies are evident.
It is also intended to strengthen the friendly ties between the special forces of the two nations and expand future cooperation.
Israeli Special Forces raided the house in search for Eslam, who is an employee with Jenin Sharia Court.
We could be facing a bloodbath and orders have been given to Special Forces to military to crush any attacks by armed gangs who do not comply with the legitimate authorities of the state,' General Gunaidi told a local TV station.
It was important to have a tight liaison and to coordinate with allied units before issuing orders, so the International Joint Force/Special Operations Force cell appointed a French special forces officer to liaise with the British and Afghan special forces detachments.
At his HQ in Kabul, he said: "The increase in special forces has reached a relentless tempo in the past few months.
But in order to become a fulltime instructor, he had to complete the Special Forces Sniper Course at the John F.
The group said today that the Danish government had dispatched a special forces navy team on the Faroe Islands to "take on" its ship, believing it was heading for the area.
He recently moved to Maryland and was on his second tour of duty since enlisting in the Army in 2002 as a Special Forces candidate.
ZAMBOANGA CITY: A commander of the Philippine Army's elite Special Forces, who went missing last week after a firefight with communist rebels, is being held captive in Mindanao, a rebel spokesman said yesterday.
Prince William is to spend time with the Special Forces as he completes a series of military secondments later this year, Clarence House confirmed yesterday.
Chosen Soldier, The Making of a Special Forces Warrior.
One example of a unique logistics approach is the employment of a forward logistics element (FLE) in a Special Forces group support battalion (GSB) in Afghanistan.
My knowledge of PTSD comes from my experience as a psychiatrist for Special Forces soldiers from 1964 to 1966 and follow-up studies by Peter Bourne, MD, and Colonel Lewellyn Legters, MD.
Flaherty, a Special Forces member and veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, He Didn't Say Good-bye is an action-packed novel following the stark challenges facing Special Forces members and their families.
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