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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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In 1945 LRDG was disbanded but the problems besetting the post war world and the retreat from Empire threw up a whole raft of tactical challenges for which Special Forces offered an obvious remedy.
"The Afghan special forces are enthusiastic amateurs but they do not have the ability to plan and execute counter-terrorist operations."
Naval special forces provided "co-ordination and guidance" to enable the loyalist fighters to launch a counter-attack on the rebels.
Despite the force of his arguments in support of the Special Forces, Maurer's biases and lack of objectivity undermine his credibility and thereby weaken his thesis.
While these factors are often beneficial, national special forces organizations recognize their quantitative and qualitative shortcomings, especially as they increasingly become a "force of choice." Thus, there is a perceived need to develop a network of like-minded actors.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- The Chinese and Thai army special forces kicked off a 14-day joint anti-terror training in Thailand on Monday morning.
On December 4-5, instructors of the US Army Special Forces conducted military exercises involving special forces SHER of the Interior Troops of Kyrgyzstan, the press service of the Interior Troops reported.
Ramallah: Israeli Special Forces killed a Palestinian youth in the Jenin refugee camp on Tuesday while tens other Palestinian sustained injuries after clashes erupted in the camp as Israeli armed forces raided it, confirmed official Palestinian sources and the youth's family.
Soldiers of the Special Forces who were killed in Benghazi Friday night, 14 June 2013.
Special Forces Sniper Skills provides an excellent account of the men and weapons used to eliminate targets on the battlefield, and provides a wide-ranging analysis of the making of a sniper.
However, night action was required, the enemy situation and local support to the enemy remained uncertain, and above all, the battalion had never worked with foreign special forces.
Maurer, an award-winning journalist, has been embedded with US Special Forces in the Middle East and Africa.
A member of the Special Forces was killed in an explosion in Afghanistan yesterday.
A member of Canada's elite special forces unit says he felt his peers were being "encouraged" by the Canadian Forces chain of command to commit war crimes in Afghanistan, according to new documents obtained by CBC News.
BRITISH special forces are launching twice as many operations against the Taliban as they did at the height of the Iraq war.
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