Special Air Service

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a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)

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LONDON (TAP) - British police on Tuesday ruled out reopening an investigation into the death of Princess Diana in a Paris car crash in 1997 after examining an accusation the elite Special Air Service (SAS) commando regiment was involved in her death.
The Scottish Register of Tartans has officially recognised the exclusive design for the Army's Special Air Service.
The daringly bold and courageous work of the SAS, whose full title is Special Air Service, was given pride of place during Armed Forces Day in Hereford, the Midland city where they are based last weekend.
This work describes three ill-fated Special Air Service (SAS) operations in occupied Italy during WWII.
When his mentor is taken captive, a retired member of Britain's elite special air service is forced into action.
(Yes, I added the extra "s" on purpose, because that is how Special Air Service members pronounce "SAS".
Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross at a ceremony at his Special Air Service Regiment barracks in the Australian city of Perth.
New Zealand reportedly has some 140 personnel in Bamyan and about 80 Special Air Service troops in Kabul.
During the war, it was issued to British commandos, including the Special Air Service. A variation was adopted by the U.S.
The British government did not deny that the Special Air Service (SAS) had been working with Libyan forces, but said there had been no defense deal connected to the release of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi.
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Barbra Streisand; The Special Air Service; United Provinces (Netherlands); 1968.
Irwin mentions activities of the British Special Air Service in Normandy and special-operations executive agents but fails to explain their relation to and coordination with the Jedburghs.
It is believed he was serving as a pay clerk on attachment to the 22 Special Air Service at the time of the alleged theft.
SAS Zero Hour The Secret Origins of the Special Air Service Tim Jones Naval Institute Press
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