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a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)

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The SAS can trace their origins to 1941, when they were a unit of the British Army formed by Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling, and originally called "L" Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade - the "L" designational Air Service name being a tie-in to a British disinformation campaign, trying to deceive the Axis into thinking there was paratrooper regiment with numerous units operating in the area (the real SAS would "prove" to the Axis that a fake one existed).
Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross at a ceremony at his Special Air Service Regiment barracks in the Australian city of Perth.
New Zealand reportedly has some 140 personnel in Bamyan and about 80 Special Air Service troops in Kabul.
The film is reportedly based on explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes' novel, The Feather Men, which tells the story of four British army soldiers, including two members of the Special Air Service, who are assassinated by a hit squad known as "The Clinic".
During the war, it was issued to British commandos, including the Special Air Service.
Irwin mentions activities of the British Special Air Service in Normandy and special-operations executive agents but fails to explain their relation to and coordination with the Jedburghs.
It is believed he was serving as a pay clerk on attachment to the 22 Special Air Service at the time of the alleged theft.
SAS Zero Hour The Secret Origins of the Special Air Service Tim Jones Naval Institute Press
This is Tim Jones's third book on the UK's Special Air Service (SAS)--the other two are Post-War Counter-Insurgency and the SAS, 1945-1952: A Special Kind of Warfare and SAS, the First Secret Wars: The Unknown Years of Combat and Counter-Insurgency.
Mike Martin is retired from the UK's Special Air Service and peacefully restoring an old barn in Hampshire.
SAS zero hour: The secret origins of the Special Air Service, Greenhill Books, London, 2006, ISBN 1-85367-669-1, hard cover, dust jacket, 239 pp, 38 b&w photographs, 16 x 24 cm, UK25.
The Special Air Service, the oldest special forces unit, was originally formed during World War II by David Stirling to attack German supply lines.
John "Lofty" Wiseman of the British Special Air Service provides a compendium of esoteric information for the stranded: cook ants for at least six minutes, zigzag when fleeing a rhino, and don't urinate while swimming in the Amazon because a catfish might swim up your urethra.
Members of Delta, other Special Forces Units, DevGroup (aka SEAL Team Six), other SEAL teams, as well as visiting foreign units including the British Special Air Service and Special Boat Service are continuously rotating through training cycles at Gunsite, John Shaw's Mid South, Black Water, and other such facilities.
Sculptor John Maine in front of the new Special Air Service Ascension window at Hereford Cathedral
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