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someone whose authority is limited to the special undertaking they have been instructed to perform

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Over time, these changes resulted in a return to the core competencies needed in a CI special agent because, in a hybrid environment, the Army requires CI special agents who are intellectually agile, capable, and trainable.
Guest stars of "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 6, episode 6 "SEAL Hunter" include Mixed Martial Artist and former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva (Sensei Scott), Casey Sander (Ray Turner), James Black (Lee Stevens), Tony Elias (FBI Swat Officer), Jorge-Luis Pallo (Special Agent Bomb Tech Salazar), Erin Cahill (FBI Special Agent Carole Gordon), Meredith Monroe (Heidi), Andrew Bongiorno (FBI Agent), Brandon Keener (Assistant U.
has published Taking Up the Sword: A Story of a Special Agent in the Diplomatic Security Service by Randall Bennett.
Hunter and several State Department officials and special agents have often come to Westboro to spend time with Mr.
Special Agent Michelle Chowaniec of the Major Procurement Fraud Unit (MPFU), 701st Military Police Group (U.
CID special agents not only investigate crimes, they conduct logistics security operations and assessments, as well as criminal intelligence and economic crime/ extremist criminal activity threat assessments.
ON FEBRUARY 18, 2001, special agent Robert Hanssen was arrested by fellow FBI operatives, accused of treason against the country he vowed to protect.
His office supplied Special Agents for security details during Presidential Campaigns and National Conventions.
Overseen by the FBI's Directorate of Intelligence, (3) FIGs generally consist of special agents, intelligence analysts, linguists, and other members of the law enforcement and intelligence communities.
If you or your client ever are visited by IRS Criminal Investigation Division special agents, you'll realize it's not a normal life event.
Attorney Sally Quillian Yates, flanked by special agents from the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI, and the Department of Justice's public integrity unit, announced the seven-count indictment during an Atlanta press conference.
By participating, the faculty was given a chance to talk with special agents and learn specifically about recent overall changes in the field.
SPECIAL agents tackled a Mission Impossible-style task during an activity scheme in Rugby.
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