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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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Some odd AI and cover moments may create a bit of frustration en route, but overall Spec Ops does a fantastic job of blurring The Line between gaming and a big-budget cinematic experience.
Secretly she is also still working for Spec Ops and even more secretly for Jurisfiction, where she solves dilemmas and crimes in the fictional world.
The design of the M1911 is still the most popular among IPSC shooters, and all the Spec Ops folks in the U.
They train several military and law enforcement groups including Military Spec Ops personnel.
For those who enjoyed William McRaven's Spec Ops there is no doubt you will find Isby's effort at least on par.
Joe figures by Hasbro are marching into the new millennium with an assortment of new figures, including a Navy SEAL and Air Force Spec Ops.
Insurgency and double-crossing in Dubai, featuring the original Kurtz character, proves to be the perfect antidote to any saccharine sewing up of plots in other shooters, and the Spec Ops ending will leave you speechless.
The SCAR Light and SCAR Heavy rifles are gaining acceptance within the Spec Ops community.
The sheath is a Spec Ops brand sheath specifically designed for the Glory.
Deliveries of the Engineering Development Model should begin in early 2007 and will include a set of eleven new Small Form Fit radios that will be embedded into the 'clothing' of the US Land Warrior and (expectedly) also those worn by spec ops teams'.
Since all Para-Kote finishes are named, the new olive-drab color is called the Spec Ops finish.
GAME: SPEC OPS - THE LINE Moment: White Phosphorus A raft of innocent women and children get caught up in a blast.
All of Harsey's custom knives are delivered with a Spec Ops jump-qualified ballistic nylon sheath included.