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Synonyms for speaker



Synonyms for speaker

a person who speaks on behalf of another or others

one who delivers a public speech

Synonyms for speaker

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The best time to get hold of an organization of business men is after a good dinner, although I think that one of the worst instruments of torture that was ever invented is the custom which makes it necessary for a speaker to sit through a fourteen-course dinner, every minute of the time feeling sure that his speech is going to prove a dismal failure and disappointment.
The "amens" and "dat's de truf" that come spontaneously from the coloured individuals are calculated to spur any speaker on to his best efforts.
In all of these things, the speaker declared, his race had chosen the better part.
It had been reported to the Speaker of the House, by secret- service agents of the government, that the Socialist Congressmen were about to resort to terroristic tactics, and that they had decided upon the day when their tactics would go into effect.
From the Speaker the warning leaked out to all the creatures in the House that wore the scarlet livery.
But suddenly it seemed as if the speaker had begun pointing straight at him, as if he had singled him out particularly for his remarks; and so Jurgis became suddenly aware of his voice, trembling, vibrant with emotion, with pain and longing, with a burden of things unutterable, not to be compassed by words.
And you would agree with me in saying that one of them is simple and has but slight changes; and if the harmony and rhythm are also chosen for their simplicity, the result is that the speaker, if hc speaks correctly, is always pretty much the same in style, and he will keep within the limits of a single harmony (for the changes are not great), and in like manner he will make use of nearly the same rhythm?
No one was bold enough to dispute a right, that had so often been exercised by warriors far inferior to the present speaker, and the adoption was listened to, in grave and respectful silence.
A yell of delight, in which admiration and ferocity were strangely mingled, interrupted the speaker, and but too clearly announced the character of his fate.
The savage Sioux, who heard his words without comprehending their meaning, turned to the speaker and menaced him with death, for his temerity.
Lucille raised her head and regarded the last speaker steadily.
The Prince of Saxe Leinitzer bowed low towards the speaker.
There was, however, one argument to continue the practice of giving gifts to speakers.
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