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the sterilization of an animal

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By spaying and neutering cats, she added, "we can make their lives better, in the sense that an altered animal is usually a lot healthier and less likely to have some of the behavior problems that people complain about, like the fighting and the spraying.
As part of the month's activities, Animals Lebanon is also holding presentations at schools to teach students about the advantages of owning pets and about spaying and neutering.
During the week, students perform surgery there, and on Fridays the space is used to provide spaying and neutering for animals from shelters throughout Central Massachusetts.
Winans said her organization and other nonprofit groups in the area will not be able to meet the demand for spaying and neutering created by the closure of Eugene's clinic.
For the last two weeks in February, Brynn Capella will be holding a special promotion to raise awareness about Tree House's meaningful work, and also bring to light the importance of spaying and neutering your animal.
Beckwith said that there are roughly 75,000 homeless cats in Worcester County, and spaying and neutering helps by cutting down the need for already bogged-down shelters.
Most people understand that spaying and neutering not only prevent health problems and make animals better companions, but are the responsible things to do in a community where thousands of `surplus' cats and dogs are killed every year.